About Historic Impressions

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Historic Impressions was founded in 1992 following an incredible trip to England, Scotland and Ireland during which we visited a number of amazing historic sites.

With a background that combined fine art, history and teaching, we were inspired to craft accurate sculptural representations of the beautiful and historically significant monuments which we visited.  Our goal was to introduce people to the wonders of past cultures through the glorious art they left as a legacy.  In addition to any historical significance, these ancient works of art have a beauty that transcends time and should be enjoyed by all generations.

A major focus of our endeavors has been the art of the ancient Celts, until recently but a footnote in the pages of history.  By recreating the beautiful Celtic monuments and artifacts, we hope to support a worldwide Celtic renaissance and to recognize and honor the artistic contributions of the Celts throughout Europe.

Our work starts at the site of the original monument.  This step is essential not only in providing the most accurate replica of the original but also serves to deepen our understanding of the settings and the cultures who produced the work.  Using accurate photography, in addition to sketches, rubbings, impressions and research through local historical archives, we are able to capture every detail of the original monument.

Later, back in our studio, each piece is painstakingly sculpted over several months each year.  The quality of the final piece can only be accomplished through this patient process.

Each of our pieces is carefully handcast and antiqued to look like the original.  Most are designed to hang on a wall and have quality embedded hangers on the back.  Others sit on a shelf or a table.

We inspect each piece repeatedly while it is being crafted, and again before it leaves our studio.  Quality, not quantity, is our number one concern, because we know that the piece you purchase will hang in your house or will be given as a gift.  Our production is limited and all of our work is handmade and sold by us exclusively, not mass manufactured for sale in stores.

Each sculpture is accompanied by a history of the original, including its date and location.   This is of paramount importance, as it provides you with a historical perspective on the item and makes it a unique conversation piece.

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